Research and development
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Personalized formulation and testing
Biocosmetici studies and develops the most suitable formulations to Your demands of image and market, seeking and proposing exclusive and innovative active principles.
We collaborate with university structures* for the search and the development of new assets and for the evaluation of new cosmetic formulations. We consider the raw material “of structure” integral part of the cosmetic effectiveness and we select the most suitable to the necessities of Your product. We submit the prepared champion to Your demands of evaluation.
Our laboratory handles the preparation of the necessary samplings for the possible testses of effectiveness, stability and compatibility with the primary containers, that we effect near our laboratories or near specialized centres.
*Department of Industrial and Materials Chemistry - Bologna University.

The high-grade specialization of our technicians and the continuous updating on the raw material, allow us to satisfy your applications and to centre the formulations in base to your personal demands.

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